One inch of ice in 3 days !!!It wasreal windy most of the day and I spent more time in the EskimoQuick Fish 3.The two holes in the shelter provided some steady action for perch and bluegills.
There isplenty of rainfall predicted for that area.Most of the fish sitting in the estuary should be entering the river as I type this. The Mohawk egg pattern accounted for many smaller fish and the salmon sized Light Spruce fly produced a few hookups. Last years--One Day Trip-- hot fly,Olive bugger with White marabou tail and redcrystal flash also received plenty of attention and did account for 2 fish.
If you plan on fishing this river, please pay attention and know your wading limits.   September 07, 2010 I escaped to Manatawny Creek for a little over an hour. Without Jack's kindness and awesomeness, I would not be going salmon fishing. I have startedtyingflies for the upcoming salmon trip.

If the kids and I were not sick, we'd be out thereright now. August 07, 2010 The summer has been hot and I have been spending plenty of time with the kids and getting Zoe ready for kindergarten. It is right around the corner.  July 11, 2010 Took the kids for a ride as we checked water temperatures on a few local streams.
I fished for 30-minutes on Manatawny and landed 2 wild browns on a tan caddis dry fly in the area where the water temp was 68 degrees. Of course, don't forget your beetle and green weenie patterns. June 14, 2010 The kids wanted to go catfishing, so we went to collect some Flathead bait.
Stopped at Manatawny Creek on the way home just in time for the skies to open up again. June 12, 2010 What a crowded day. It was a nice few hours.  May 30, 2010 Took the kids to Manatawny Creek for the sulphur hatch.

Still drizzling and more rain has been forecasted for later in the week.  May 01, 2010 Manatawny Creek was stocked yesterday, April 30, 2010. Equipment Neoprene Dumbbell OLYMPIC CHROME BAR COLLAR OLYMPIC CURL BAR Olympic Plate Tree OLYMPIC SPRING COLLAR OLYMPIC STRAIT BAR OLYMPIC WEIGHT PLATE PERFECT PUSH UP PILATES Plyo Box PULL UP BAR PUSH UP BAR Puzzle Mat RECUMBENT BIKE ROPE ROWER Sauna Suit SHOULDER PRESS Slam Ball SPIN BIKE SPINLOCK COLLAR SQUAT RACK STABILTY TRAINING Stair Stepper STANDARD BAR Stationary Bicycle Step Riser TOTAL GYM Treadmill TREADMILL MAT TRICEP BAR TRICEPT ROPE TRX SYSTEM VIBRATION FITNESS VKR STATION WEIGHT WEIGHT BAR COLLAR WEIGHT BELT WEIGHTED VEST WRIST SUPPORT WRIST WRAPS YOGA MAT Football Belt Chin Strap Compression Shirt Compression Shorts Compression Sleeve Eye Black Face Guard FIELD WRIST BAND FLAG FOOTBALL Footbal Jersey Football FOOTBALL Pant GIRDLE Gloves Hat Helmet Hip Pads Jersey KICK OFF TEE Knee Pads Misc.
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