Fat belly always looks very gauche & can make you to feel embarrassment into the party or at formal even when you wear a fully fit dress. Into the above picture I show those food items which will help you to cut the stomach fat & make your belly flat such as beans, turmeric, almond, berries, pasture eggs, wild salmon etc. When, you belly fats are increasing then I think you should immediately reduce the intake of sugar based items.

Sometimes fat belly can create lots of discomforts such as you can sit for long period of time, you can run very fastly, you may feel humiliation in crowd, in short words fat belly can make you feel ashamed. Walking helps you to burn unnecessary fat from your belly & consequently you will get flat belly.
Proteins based food items such as eggs, fish, seafood, meats, poultry and dairy products also helps to flatten belly by burning fats in long time period.

If you belly is increasing day by day then it’s the time to control it now because too much fat belly can create lots of diseases such as diabetes, breast cancer etc.

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