Sweating it out in the gym for hours without being under any expert’s observation and doing it the wrong way will not provide any favorable results. Many of the exercises of biceps and triceps are interrelated and have positive impacts on both. This exercise is widely considered as the best exercise to increase arm size and add enormous strength to them. This is basically an exercise which focuses on the outer part of the biceps as well as forearms.
It is one of the most effective triceps exercise and has great results for those who want huge muscular triceps. Push your body down to the extent so that the arms are as parallel to the floor as possible, hold for a second and then bring it back up to complete one dip. A proper work schedule combined with a healthy protein and other vitamins and minerals rich diet is what is required.

Now the arm is to be lowered slowly and the same operation is to be performed with the other arm. It focuses most of the pressure of the exercise on the triceps and thus helps build them and impart strength. Here the person needs to sit down on the bench and pull the overhead bar towards his chest with the hands. Dips are generally associated with chest building but ‘triceps dip’ is specifically for building triceps. One needs to place his body such that the medicine ball is directly under his sternum and then hold the ball with both hands.
It is actually similar to the regular bench press; the difference being that here the grip is closer which puts more pressure on the triceps. Breathe out while lifting the bar and breathe in as you lower it back to starting position.

At the extremity of the position, it is advised to clench the muscles of the biceps for maximum effect.
Stretch the biceps to the maximum at the extremity of the motion and also in-between for best results. Hold the barbell or the dumbbells in this position for a moment and then bring it back down slowly to the initial position.

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