Stretching the legs while in the saddle is very beneficial – please excuse my dirty boots! Riding without stirrups is also a great way of lengthening the leg muscles, you may find you need to drop your stirrups a hole or two once you take them back!  A good stretch for your legs whilst in the saddle is to take the feet out of the stirrups and then take hold of your ankle, drawing it towards your buttock.  Be careful to ensure you do not alter your pelvis and keep an upright posture. The reason for visiting your webpage is that I have developed a constant muscle pain on the inside of my thigh closest to my crotch. From your excellent description and explanation , I can fully relate and it would like to mention that I will be trying out those stretches to see if the pain eases.. In regards to your injury, the Pectineus and Adductor Longus muscles (as well as some others) are the main hip adductor muscles.
Your inner thigh (adductors) are made of adductor brevis, adductor longus and adductor magnus (brevis= Latin for short, longus=long and magnus=Large).

Cross right leg over the left leg and pull the (right) leg as close to your chest as possible.
These muscles combine and attach on the inside of the thigh.  This muscle gets shortened when in the typical riding position and it is this shortening which causes lower back pain, painful knees and tight hips. I have corresponded to the illustration provided above and from what I can suggest, my pain is either evolving from the Pectineus or the Adductor Longus muscle. If your adductors (inner thighs) can’t effectively do their job (help stabilize the knee throughout the running movement), your hamstrings will be recruited to pick up the slack, putting them at an increased risk of injury.
While some runners neglect to stretch their adductors, others have the opposite problem, and do exercises that can overstretch increasing the risk of a muscle pull. That’s when you find your shoulders moving  frantically or bum bumping against the saddle as u cycle (meaning ur butt is not glued on the saddle).

Even when you have your sports massage done, make sure that the masseur does not apply excessive pressure causing sharp pain.
Inhale (breathe in) through your nose, and exhale (breathe out) through your mouth, as you complete this stretch. Return to starting position by rounding shoulders back and extending your spine to upright position.

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