I have said it before and I will say it again, your mass building routines should consist of primarily compound movements, which involve more than one muscle group or joint.
I will perform this workout (give or take extra or less sets depending on how the workout is going) every Tuesday for 3 months before altering it. One of the most popular topics that we tend to cover through our free advice service is tips and tricks to help people build muscle faster. When it comes to supplements to help you build muscle, Protein still comes out on top but there are also some additional supplements that could make all the difference in your quest to build muscle faster. Over the last 15 years, Creatine has surfaced as the newest staple supplement for people who want to build muscle mass and strength. Studies suggest that a lack of Vitamin D may impair muscle power and since we don't get much sun in the UK, supplementing with Vitamin D should help you see muscle gains a lot faster. And quitting just because you’ve reached your first plateau in terms of muscle gains is just plain pathetic, considering what you could do to start getting back on track.

Instead, make only three of the ten sets really intense, and use the rest to build up to that intensity with slightly lighter weights. A high volume approach like this would be counter productive for anyone who hasn’t built up their training capacity with at least a few months of training under their belt. There are many benefits to supplementing with iBCAAs but since we are focusing on faster muscle growth, its good to know that iBCAAs are a trigger for Protein synthesis and aid recovery! At this stage, many beginning and intermediate bodybuilders quit, thinking that they have reached their genetic potential and that they will never, ever succeed in building a big and muscular, healthy body. German Volume Training is a high volume training method that can help you put a high volume of muscle on your body when nothing else seems to work.
How many macros you need depends on the level of your workouts and your workout experience. No matter how small those progressions are, always pushing yourself to achieve more with your training and diet will get you there in the end.

Creatine is backed by science and has been shown to  increase muscle mass, strength and performance! While there are plenty of reasons for not building muscle fast enough, there are some proven solutions to ensure that you are maximizing muscle gains. This high volume of training with just one exercise tends to force the muscle tissue into growth.

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