From beginners up to Regionals and Games hopefuls, the programming will cater to the needs of all levels of athletes.
Whatever those results are, too few gyms and trainers out there pay anywhere near enough attention to tracking those results, or better yet, providing a clear structured plan to reach those goals and hence the attrition rate of gyms is enormous.
So, the team here at CrossFit Play have developed a 5 tier program, through which athletes from complete beginners up to Regional hopeful athletes can ensure they’re progressing constantly and across all areas of fitness and health.

Each tier has a set of requirements that must be met and a daily program which encompasses those skills as well as developing skills relevant to the level above. This does two things, firstly it allows our coaches to ensure all athletes are progressing consistently and safely in their training and, as a boutique space with small class sizes, means the programming can be individualised to each members specific needs.
For the recreational CrossFitter Tiers 1-3 provide a wide variety of skills and programming that can develop exceptional fitness as well as build lean muscle and strip fat.

For athletes looking to pursue CrossFit as a sport Tiers 4 & 5 are designed to build on skills essential to competition and programming is aimed purely at excelling in the Open and the Regional competitions.

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