When I design meal plans for clients, they are always shocked as to how many carbs they get to eat in one day. And then they are more surprised when they lose fat even while eating more carbs than usual. The moment you bring in more carbs after a low carb diet, you will gain weight and it can be one of two things. Low carb diets have their place in the dieting world, but it’s how you use them that is key.
If you’re trying to gain lean muscle mass and lose fat at the same time, a low carb diet may not be the route for you.

Low carb is designed more to help you with tightening up your body when either getting ready for a photo shoot, a competition, or some sort of activity of importance.
When you eat low carb you have a tendency to eat less calories due to more veggies and less complex carbs. The reason for this is you only stick with low carb for one to two weeks to achieve the look you’re going for because it helps dry your body out and you have less water retention.
A low carb diet is great to use when needing to really tighten up your body from time to time, but it is not a long term thing. Many people complain that when they stick to a low carb diet that they have a hard time sticking with it long term or they complain that the moment they bring in more carbs, they gain all the weight back.

When you are no longer bringing in carbs, your body must switch over from using glucose to Ketones. It usually has nothing to do with your carb intake, it has to do with how many calories you’re bringing in. Low carb diets are great when the occasion calls for them, they are also great for people are diabetics or deal with epilepsy.

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