In a seated position first like the one above I want you to see if you can perform 5-10 relaxed belly breaths.
By relaxing theses muscles it does not mean that you should let your posture go, you can maintain good pregnancy posture without sucking in your six-pack! Activate your Transverse Abdominus and Pelvic Floor muscles subtly without any drawing in or activation from your rectus abdominal muscle. It can actually do more harm than good, it can increase back pain and be the cause of core muscle dysfunction along with other pregnancy discomforts!

If this is happening I make my client aware of what they are doing and teach them how to relax.
This gets harder as your pregnancy progresses but if you have been practicing from the start it will be easier to disassociate your TA and PFM from the dominant muscle groups.
Clients can often find this hard as they did not realize that they where holding in their stomach muscles ALL THE TIME! Keep your hands where they are and take 10 breaths slowly making sure you feel no contractions on your rectus abdominal muscles underneath your hands, keep your shoulders and neck relaxed too.

You cannot hold Lorraine liable in any way for any injuries that may occur whilst training.

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