Cardiovascular exercise will help you create a greater calorie deficit and increase metabolism helping you lose belly fat.
There are certain foods that will help you lose belly fat, while other foods will actually increase belly fat. To lose belly fat as quickly as possible, to set the right targets, and to choose the right exercises and diet to lose belly fat fast you need to customize your weight loss program to suit your individual needs.
Body fat calculator to determine you body fat percentage and keep track of your weight loss. If your body fat percentage is high, then you may have higher levels of belly fat and it worth talking it through with your doctor. You cannot target fat loss; you cannot lose fat from one specific area by thinking about it. Research suggests that interval training is one of the most effective methods of burning belly fat. Accordingly, to lose belly fat you have to lose energy or, to put it more simply, you have to burn more calories (energy) than you eat. Foods that help burn belly fat are low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fat, such as olive oil, walnuts, and flax seeds.

This will help fight belly fat and also stops the muscle loss that occurs during weight loss. Therefore, determine you body type to find out how easily you’ll lose belly fat, and how easy you’ll find it to build muscle. Factors that can influence belly fat include gender, genetics, hormones, body shape, lifestyle and certain foods. Having an understanding of your body type, will help you determine the best macronutrient ratio to help you lose belly fat. An effective plan to lose belly fat must addresses the causes for why you are carrying more belly fat than you would like.
For example, some endomorphs lose weight more easily on low-carb diets, while others do better with high-carb.
Ectomorphs should be able to lose belly fat relatively easily, but will have to put a lot of effort in gaining muscle mass and ab definition. However, there is much more you can do than simply reducing your calorie intake to lose belly fat.

Indeed, research shows that Mediterranean style dietis the best diet in aiding the loss of belly fat. However, to get the abs you’re after, once you’ve reduced your body fat percentage you then need to focus on MUSCLE.
Endomorphs will struggle the most to lose belly fat, and will have to work hard to achieve defined abs.
They will make your muscles bigger, but that helps little if they are hiding beneath a layer of fat.

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