It is important to realize that Hoodia makes the brain believe there is sufficient blood sugar available, suppressing hunger, and therefore diabetics should take this side effect of Hoodia gordonii into account.
P57 is the active ingredient of Hoodia gordonii, and it can cause mild stomach upsets as a side effect. Even though Hoodia supplements are made from natural ingredients and are safe to use for most users, people with certain conditions should avoid using it. So whilst Hoodia per se doesn't seem to have many known direct side effects, the indirect side effects of its hunger- and thirst-suppressing activity can be substantial.
Potential liver side effects of Hoodia are a possibility because P57 is broken down by the liver. When it comes to Hoodia Gordonii supplements that are reviewed in this website, no severe negative effects were reported by users. Taking more Hoodia then suggested might result in side effects such as upset in the intestines or stomach.
This is even more important when taking Hoodia supplements, because it is not only suppressing your appetite, but also your desire to drink.

This is the primary reason why it is so difficult to test if Hoodia Gordonii has any side effects.
Also the label of some Hoodia supplements suggest not to use it for people who have or used to had some sort of kidney or liver decease or are taking other medications. In case you have any of these conditions you should at least consult your doctor prior to using these type of supplements. When negative effects occur it is not clear which ingredient in the supplement might have caused it.
The studies that were done on Hoodia Gordonii to investigate its effectiveness for weight loss didn’t reported any serious side effects. How much it will drop depends on how effective it will be for you as an appetite suppressant.
So don’t forget this and make sure you drink enough water to avoid side effects associated with dehydration. So in order to determine the potential side effects it is always important to closely analyze these ingredients. Although the number of studies is still quite limited, it is safe to assume that Hoodia can be used safely by most healthy individuals.

In case you have worries about Hoodia supplements and potential side effects that it can cause it might be a good idea to do breaks from using it. Green tea extract is one of the most common additional ingredients that come together with Hoodia. Supplements that are mentioned in this site don’t contain stimulants or dangerous chemicals, which are usually the primary reason for severe side effects in most weight loss pills.
When it comes to side effects of Green tea extract they are rare, but for some people it might cause problems while sleeping, vomiting and nausea. Also local Bushmen used this plant for long period of times without any known long term side effects. Although taking into account that dosage of this extract is usually quite low these side effects are highly unlikely.

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