Instead of indulging in breakfast classics like French toast or pancakes, which are loaded with carbs, try making some mini frittatas instead, the Diabetic Daily website suggests. Just by substituting one main ingredient, you can make the common sandwich a low-carb option. Not only is fish an effective and healthy way to get protein in your diet, it’s perfect for your low-carb meal plan. Yogurt is one of the best and most convenient low-carb snacks out there, since it comes in pre-packaged serving sizes you can fit in a small fridge at work. But there are plenty of healthy, low-carb foods to round out your menu and help you feel full at the end of every meal.

Turn your turkey sandwich low-carb by switching out the slices of bread for a low-carb tortilla. Making a low-carb meal plan can help you be prepared at each meal so you don’t panic and wonder what to cook at the last minute. For example, a Smart & Delicious tortilla by La Tortilla Factory contains only 10 g of carbohydrates.
Load it up with two or three slices of tomato, lettuce and lean turkey breast, add a side of your favorite veggies and you’re up to only around 14 g of carbs for the day. Serve your fish with a side of broccoli, asparagus or other low-carb, high-fiber vegetables.

Each frittata only contains 4 grams of carbohydrates, the perfect start to your low-carb day.

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