Even more important than the looks and impact on your self esteem are thehealth benefits of losing weight during menopause.Even just a few pounds more can put you at risk for some rather nasty diseases. And avoiding or shedding the extra pounds will naturally help with your menopause symptoms.
If you take any weight loss supplements, take them before your main meals for the day, usually lunch and dinner. Another supplement that is helpful for menopause and weight gain isPropolmannan (Amorphophallus japonica).
Calcium and Vitamin D have been shown to help with bone health and also to aid in weight loss. Most menopausal women can benefit by adding a calcium supplement to their daily diet, usually in the 1,000 – 1,500 mg range. For the full article with links, information about the different diets and the resources, follow the link to Diets for Menopause.
Plant estrogens (phytoestrogens) to balance estrogen levels and to help protect your heart and bones. Antioxidants are important to help balance hormones, and maintain a healthy lining of the blood vessels (among other things). Lignans are one of the major classes of phytoestrogens, that help to balance your estrogen levels. (Here is a list of the lignan content in foods and beverages. But if your menopause symptoms drive you crazy, hormones might help with you symptoms and your weight. Additionally hormone therapy helps with maintaining your muscle tone.Muscle burns fat and the more muscle you have, the easier it is to maintain your healthy weight. Testosterone replacement for women is not a good option to increase your muscle mass and to lose weight.
Women who work on losing weight during menopause through their diet, exercise and lifestyle not only avoid gaining weight, they actually lose additional pounds. So try some of the suggestions and maybe add DHEA or Propolmannan to get the additional help to shed the pounds. Despite the above factors, serious, disciplined and dedicated women can easily shed weight during menopause and keep themselves fit and trim. If women do weight training regularly, they will not only lose weight but also gain lean muscle mass.

It is very hard to stick to a weight loss goal for the long term unless you are seriously motivated. Not only are they high on anti-oxidants but also help to elevate the metabolism and burn calories. Taking hormone replacement therapy may help some women who are grappling with serious weight loss issues.
The body will be constantly working hard to burn the calories and this will help you to achieve weight loss. While all the above is easier said than done, a little focus and discipline goes a long way in helping to achieve weight loss goals. Losing weight during menopause can be challenging but you do not want to think of it as a dreaded process.
However with some effort, and the help of smart supplements, losing weight during menopause is possible and doesn’t have to be super difficult and complicated.
That way, your body can absorb the active compounds before you eat.It might be a little difficult at first to remember this but since it might help you to lose several pounds, it is well worth getting into the habit.
It has been successfully used toreduce age related weight gain and, even better, belly fat.
All we can do is point out some ideas to help with a permanent solution losing weight during menopause and beyond.
They play an important role for other conditions as well, such as sex hormone imbalance, hair loss, and dry skin – all common problems during menopause. Maybe get some light weights and do some exercises for arms and shoulders – even while watching TV. Become an active couch potato!
Menopause and weight gain is not a forgone conclusion – there are things you can do. Get started today! The weight loss will take time and the weight will come off very gradually but with patience and perseverance, it can soon happen. To prevent a plateau, it is important that you seek out a friend or a family member to help you stick to your goals.
These fatty acids do a very good job of reducing bad cholesterol in the body and helping to burn fat in the process. You will also feel satiated and not reach out for that unhealthy doughnut or the chocolate cookies, which only make you, put on weight.

Women who follow a healthy and active lifestyle hardly feel the symptoms of menopause and are able to live a stress free and healthy life.
These will help shed the pounds, keep them off, promote good health and relieve other symptoms related to menopause.
Eating the fruits will also give you the added fiber and make you feel fuller – a benefit for losing weight during menopause. The study also showed that women who made no changes had problems with menopause and weight gain (by putting on over 5.5 pounds in a little over 4 years).
With age, a woman’s metabolism slows down and it becomes very difficult for her to shed weight.
Yoga like pranayam and surya namaskars have been found to be helpful in aiding weight loss especially in menopausal women. This way you neither deprive yourself nor do you have to worry about compromising on your weight loss efforts.
Taking a mild dosage of synthetic testosterone may boost the woman’s energy and metabolism and help her to lose weight. A healthy body can also help fight many other problems associated with menopause such as fatigue, mood swings and hot flashes. Weight-bearing and resistance exercises are a good choice for women going through menopause because they can help prevent osteoporosis. Weight training not only makes the bones strong and healthy but also keeps the body fit and toned. Weight-bearing exercises such as walking, jogging and stair climbing create stress on the bones, improving calcium absorption and stimulating new bone growth.
Resistance exercises like weight lifting stimulates bone growth by muscle pulling against the bone.

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