You don’t have to shower your little one with sugar to prove how much you care this Valentine’s Day.
Take the Pinterest-popular baggie butterfly snack idea and put a Valentine’s Day twist on it by using red or pink pipe cleaner for the antennas and a marker to draw on some hearts and a cute face.
Here’s another simple snack with an added Valentine’s Day twist thanks to a mini heart cookie cutter and some paper hearts on toothpicks. With a tiny bit of added effort on your part, you can make this Valentine’s Day one your child will never forget! Fun & Healthy Valentine's Day Snacks for KidsYou don’t have to shower your little one with sugar to prove how much you care this Valentine’s Day.
DIY Valentine's Day DecorWe know craft stores and home good stores sell plenty of Valentine's Day swag.

10 Quick & Healthy Snacks For ToddlersYou want to help your kids nourish and energize their little bodies with the best foods that you can get your hands on. You might be interested in NurtureBaby's Oral Health: From The First Tooth To The First Trip To The Dentist. Either way, we want you to learn that eating healthy doesn’t mean restricting or depriving yourself of chocolate. Instead, treat your body right and try one of these healthy Valentine’s day desserts.
Instead, keep the box of chocolates to yourself and show your kiddo some extra love with these fun and healthy Valentine’s Day snacks.
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Layer your ingredients in a clear cup and if you want to get extra fancy, sprinkle some Valentine’s sprinkles on top and add a heart on a toothpick. For this Valentine’s Day meat, cheese, and cracker platter we used these adorable mini Valentine cookie cutters from Wilton. In terms of fruit, serve raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, or purple grapes in Valentine themed cupcake liners.

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