Anticipation and excitement runs through the minds and hearts of every school age child as summer and freedom finally arrive.  The mere thought of vacation plans to visit family, friends or see other parts of our beautiful country for the first time, are thrilling. For road trips, packing a cooler provides flexibility and healthy options.  You’ll have the freedom to pull into a rest-stop with picnic tables or discover scenic overlooks.  Watch for those brown roadside signs to alert you one is just ahead!
Be prepared and your kids will think you’re their super hero!  Planning ahead can save you hundreds of dollars or more, for an average family of four, during a week-long family vacation. For the past month I have been traveling for work and weddings, home just for a day or two and then off again. Hummus pack, individual cheddar cheese, hint water and banana all from the airport kiosk, lunch for the plane!

Eat Well for Business Travel: Insights on how to eat well around the world, including airports, business meetings, client dinners and many other places where business travelers often have trouble making healthy choices. Healthy Fast food: lets you make good choices while enjoying a visit to your favorite fast food restaurant. I am not going to lie, eating healthy while traveling take a little bit of effort and planning! This entry was posted in Eating on the Go, Quick & Healthy, Shopping Guide, Uncategorized and tagged Change, Fast food, Homemade, on the go, traveling, vegetables, weight health, Weight loss. Realize everywhere you go there is a healthy option, it is up to you to look for it and choose it.

The “2012 Snacking Consumer Trend Report” found two fifths (40%) of consumers acknowledge they’re snacking more on healthier items than they did two years ago. There are many apps out there that are fee and inexpensive that can help you find healthy food choice near you. As I was traveling I kept that statement in mind and challenged myself to prove them wrong and to come up with some new travel tips and foods.

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