All of the items that contain Trans fat and loads of sugar and sodium are the most popular items in snack vending machines. In Colorado a recent bill was passed prohibiting vending machines business from putting any snack items in machines that contain Trans fat. Posts Related to Why We Usually Don't Put Healthy Things In Vending MachinesVending Machines in Schools Could Be Without Trans Fats in ColoradoA new Colorado state bill could cause the elimination of trans fats in public schools, including vending machines in schools.
A vending machines business could fill their machines with fruits and vegetables but they would become outdated. Schools cannot serve any Trans fat in the cafeteria, any snack vending machines, school stores or any other food service.

This will certainly leave coffee vending machines out of the picture, because coffee is a loved drink by the American people and too much caffeine is not healthy.
If you have a good number of people at the location of the vending machine that like a certain item, Quench will be happy to accommodate that need. Companies have tried to sell healthier snack items and through experience these healthy items did not sell.
The snack vending machine companies and coffee vending machines are not the problem and it is silly to dictate what a vending company can or cannot sell.
Law makers can order vending companies to use decaffeinated coffee in their coffee vending machines, but the chemicals used to remove caffeine is worse than the caffeine.

Vending companies are not happy about this bill that has been passed, for obvious reasons already stated.

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