As I was packing my bag for the UCA NHSCC (National High School Cheerleading Competition) in Florida, I realized I had forgotten to include snacks to bring for my room!
Trying to pack up and get out the door on time to catch an airplane can be difficult as it is, but add in packing all of your own food for the day, and you have what sounds like a bit of work. Pack: Use small insulated lunch packs with an inserted frozen pack to keep things that can spoil easily cool.
Liquids: Of course you all know that you need to buy water once you get through security, but if you have a baby or toddler you can take water or formula in a bottle through security. Once I got to my local pharmacy, I headed straight for the snack aisle and was in complete shock at how very little healthy options there were! I've been packing my own food for airplane trips since I was twenty years old and I can tell you, that with a little planning, it can be very simple. Breast milk is also permitted through security, even if you are not traveling with your infant.

They bring activity books and crayons, books to read or be read to, wool yarn to finger knit with, and a movie for the computer. My name is Alissa Segersten and I've had a love of healthy food and cooking since the age of 10. I put sweet tarts on the list for when you have a sweet tooth and you want a little sugar, but just not the calories. On our trip in February I had everything planned, organized, and packed the day before we left, including most of our food. Here is the other gray area with "creamy" foods: if you are traveling with young children it doesn't matter if you bring a 12-ounce container of hummus through security! When I was pregnant with my first daughter in 2001, I diligently began writing down my recipes because so many people would ask for them! If you don't have very young children then play it safe and make sure these types of foods are packed in 3-ounce sized containers or less.

On our last trip, coming back home from my parents house, I had nothing planned which caused quite a bit of chaos right before we left for the airport! My family has been flying with food for a few years now and I'm always amazed at how understanding airport security is (though I have lost a few jars of almond butter!). I have traveled with the single-serve packets of Artisana nut butters for use in my hotel room and restaurants. Justin Nut Butter carries peanut butter, almond butter and a chocolate hazelnut butter that we brought for pancakes.
The packets are under 3 oz and easy to open.The family we buy beef from started making jerkey so we broght some of that too.

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