With this post, I hope to share with you some quick, healthy alternatives to the usual junk foods you reach for.
And maybe, it won’t be such a challenge to go for these instead of the junk- because trust me, this stuff is delicious. The acidity of the fruits will be enough to wake you up, so you may not even need your coffee!
If it came down to choice most people would rather grab a coffee and some biscuits rather than the apple and the bottle of water. They’re great for any time of die, so go stick some fruit in your blender and blend, blend, blend!
When chilling out and watching the TV at night, my mum would bring in hummus, chilli and low-fat cheese dips.

It is basically what the title suggests: using a leaf of lettuce as your bread, fill with vegetables and meats and wrap up. Add a little bit of pepper to them (you won’t need salt) to bring out the flavour and serve with toast (if you want). Yes, they are low in fat in calories, but some of them are really high in sugar to make up for this. It’s a great afternoon snack or something to take on your break, and it tastes amazing too.
I like to dip cucumber, brocolli, cauliflour and carrots, but there’s probably a million other things you could dip into it.
You could spread peanut butter on them, dip them in soft cheese and chilli sauce, or just have them as a snack on their own.

I also love to eat the little packets of raisins and apricots as they are easy to carry around as well.
I would recomend going for oat or grain bars instead of big chain breakfast bars, and remember to always check the label when buying.

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