Charlene Flanagan is a lifestyle journalist whose love for language drove her to earn her Bachelor’s degree in English literature, as well as pursue her Masters in Arts. But, you’re not going to lose more weight just because you worked out for more time than your peers. The key is to indulge in a high-intensity workout with short intervals for maximum results with minimum effort.

It make you feel healthier, improves your skin condition, gives you peace of mind, and of course does the obvious, which is to help you drop a few pounds. When she’s not busy writing up about workouts, home remedies, and skincare essentials, she spends her time being the quintessential city girl who’s excited to see what life has in store for her. So you will see a drastic drop in the beginning, but don't expect to hold this momentum forever.

Most of them use your weight and age to calculate the calorie burn for the average person, but the machines do not take into account your gender, height, body fat percentage, fitness level, and metabolic rate, all of which would contribute significantly to the correct number.

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