At one point or another, all of us have been guilty of scarfing down food at work that we know isn’t good for us. If you work in the service industry or in the corporate sector, you already know what it is like to have things pop up suddenly, requiring your immediate attention.
These are great for quick pick-me-ups in between regular meal times and can provide a shot of needed energy to get you through the hump. By tossing in some good-to-eat items into your bag before heading to work, you empower yourself to live healthier and have more energy throughout the day.

But, unfortunately, she says, many people tend to make bad eating decisions during the workday. Busy lifestyles, non-stop meetings and fast approaching deadlines can cause even the most health minded of individuals to struggle with nutrition. The topic of making healthy snack choices at work comes up frequently with many of our Chicago clients who come in for executive coaching. You have lots of choices here but try to select something that strikes a balance between carbs, protein, calories and healthy fats.

This point is particularly true if you are working on a time sensitive project that pretty much sucks up entire swaths of your day.

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