Our guide to the best kid-friendly restaurants in Singapore proves eating out with the little darlings in tow doesn’t have to end in mama and dada taking it in turns to hide in the bathroom. Confinement food delivery services are the perfect choice for new mamas who want the benefits of confinement food without having one extra woman in the house dishing out unsolicited advice about what’s best for bub. Breastfeeding support in Singapore is a must for many new mamas because, quite frankly, breastfeeding is not quite the walk in the park so many of us are led to believe. If you’re a hungry mama and papa who are looking for some scrumptious food without a dinner-time battle with bored kids, check out these family-friendly restaurants with outdoor playgrounds. Restaurants in Singapore certainly don’t come cheap, especially when you have a full-on family meal to fund.

Child-friendly restaurants in Singapore are ten a dozen if Chope is anything to go by, and it seems that almost every restaurant on the island claims to be kid friendly. This delicious recipe for sugar-free, grain-free brownies is sure to be a hit with your little ones.
Let’s face it, sometimes the mere thought of venturing to a restaurant with hyperactive, screaming toddlers in tow can fill even the most confident mamas and dadas with dread.
If the way to dada’s heart through his stomach, Singapore’s 2015 Father’s Day brunch offerings will not disappoint!
Every one of these restaurants have a great outdoor play area that is chock full of activities that are perfect for your favourite pint-sized person.

Fortunately, for kids in Singapore there actually is such thing as a free lunch, or dinner depending on where you go. But sometimes having a high chair and a plastic knife and fork on offer doesn’t quite cut it for us mamas and dadas. Rich and chocolatey, super moist and just the right consistency, these gems are simple to make and offer a healthy option for health-conscious mamas and dadas.

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