Of course there are many more lunch box snack combination you could try out – all you need to do is be creative and discover which healthy options work best for your child.
Well, let’s see…it is possible; just think about what your child likes to eat at home and try to adapt that into a possible lunch box option. Transform classic lunches, from tuna to PB&J to turkey and cheese, into healthier recipes.
We filled the containers with a protein, some fruit, a vegetable, and a small treat -- all in perfect-size portions for kids 5 to 8.

4 of 24Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids 4 of 24 Facebook PinterestCheck out our tips for simple ways to upgrade your child's sandwiches.Win Baby Gear! 8 of 24How to Choose a Lunchbox 8 of 24 Facebook PinterestWith so many lunch boxes on the market it can be hard to know what to buy. 12 of 24Healthy Snacks: Why Kids Need to Snack 12 of 24 Facebook PinterestSnacking is important for active kids. 23 of 24 23 of 24 Facebook PinterestCourtesy of Back to Nature Foods Best New Snacks for School: Back to Nature Granola to GoToss a mini bag of this granola -- along with a container of yogurt and a piece of fruit -- into your child's lunchbox.

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