Keeping healthy foods on hand for snacks and lunches can help prevent the urge for chips and other unhealthy foods, specialists say.
Smart snacking begins with understanding how your body reacts to insulin and carbohydrates. Look for snacks that help you achieve your targeted daily calorie and carbohydrate goals while meeting your personal taste preference. Liza Resurreccion joined Medtronic Diabetes in 2006 as a Diabetes Clinical Manager in Philadelphia, PA, where she worked directly with patients and healthcare providers. So with these things in mind, let me tell you some healthy snacks for diabetics.Healthy SnacksA person who has diabetes should keep an eye on some things while planning out his diet.
Prevent hunger strikes by preparing a healthful snack to carry with you at work, in the car, in your purse, or in your bag. Pre-packaged individual sized-snacks can help you keep portions in check, and if you purchase foods in bulk, measure out single servings using measuring cups and spoons into a baggie for individual sized portions. Healthy snacks can help optimize your blood glucose control, support your overall diabetes diet, provide you with a boost of energy, and help you avoid overeating.

An apple or orange, three cups of popcorn, a hard-boiled egg, or 15 almonds are just a few examples of healthful snack options. Be sure to check labels on pre-packaged foods, as some bags may have more than one serving size and low-fat or fat-free foods may have added sugar and salt to make up for flavor. With regards to snacking, people often think of foods that are high in sugar or added fats however, you have lots of other options. Snacking can also be important if you’re taking medication that could cause a blood-sugar low between meals. People with diabetes on certain types of tablets or insulin may require one snack between each meal as well as for supper.
Walnuts, pecans, peanuts, and cashews are also good options.Avocado With BalsamicWhen you are in the mood for a luscious snack, slice an avocado in two, remove the pit, and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.
Avocados are also packed with potassium, a mineral that aids nerve function to assist prevent diabetic neuropathy.Whole Grain CrackersWhole grain crackers buck you up with complex carbohydrates.
Complex carbohydrates take more time to become absorbed in the body and hence keep you feeling full for an extended amount of time.

PopcornAnother good news is that you do not need to restrain yourself on popcorn the next time you go for any movie.
Popcorn constitutes a low-calorie, low sugar snack.FruitsNot being allowed to consume sugar concentrated foods, it severely restricts the options of fruits for diabetics, but you will find some fruits which are specifically recommended for diabetics like apple (with skin), grapefruit, blueberries, and apricots. But baked sweet potato fries really are a super-healthy choice for people concerned about their blood sugar.
And research shows that their high carotenoid content might be particularly useful in the blood sugar battle with regards to managing diabetes.PistachiosPistachios would be the another healthy nuts for diabetics. And also the calcium in dairy foods like yogurt may hinder the absorption of fat in the small intestine and stymie the birth of new fat cells — good news for your waistline if you want to trim some belly fat.
Top it with fruit for any naturally sweet treat or use it in place of sour cream in veggie dips.

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