This is a snacks only vending machine offering up to 36 different product selections, 6 shelves and a total capacity of 466 products. 1If maintenance is shown above, this cover is offered by Intelligent Vending Ltd and forms no part of the lease agreement.
The Samba Classic snacks vending machine offers great vending flexibility due to an innovative product delivery system and is illuminated by low energy bright LED lighting.

This model provides 36 different product selections, 6 shelves and a maximum capacity of 466 snacks. Intelligent Vending, Intelligent Vending Ltd and all associated logos on this website are registered trademarks of Intelligent Vending Ltd and must not be used without our express permission in writing. Samba classic vending machine features include: optic delivery guarantee sensors, LED lighting, A+ energy rating and more.

The cabinet is made from aluminium for an elegant appearance, and thanks to optic sensors in the delivery area, this vending machine can guarantee a successful vend or money back for the customer.

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