I’ve compiled 40 Healthy Kids Snack Ideas to keep the kids fully energized between meals.
I’ve included some of my best loved kids snack idea recipes and those from some of my favorite bloggers… enjoy! You all know I’m always on the lookout to get my kids to eat more vegetables, so these fun kids snack ideas do the trick perfectly! You won’t be surprised by an annoying pop-up on this website asking you for your email address.
We’ve included kid favorites like chicken fingers, tuna melts, and traditional no-bake mac & cheese, but we’ve built them into delicious and much healthier!
In fact, snacking can be an excellent way to curb cravings and keep you satisfied between meals, as long as you snack smart. Keeping plenty of fresh fruit available for snacking means there will always be something nutritious and delicious close to hand. I am always looking for healthy snacks to add to my daughter’s lunches, so I will be referencing this.
Teaching kids to eat healthy foods in a young age will help them develop healthy eating patterns for a lifetime, so we’ve included kid-friendly recipes having a variety of vegetables, using proteins which are naturally lower in calories and full of vitamins and minerals.

These lighter, healthier options are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite types of treats without blowing your calorie budget. These delicious kid-friendly recipes can help your kids learn to love whole grains (most kids ought to be eating at least 6 ounces each day!).
This assortment of healthy kid-friendly recipes gets kudos from kids of all ages and it is designed to make meal planning easier. Recipes for KidsOrganic foods in many cases are the healthiest option available, but it is not always easy to get the kids to like them. Begin by purchasing organic versions of the child’s favorite foods, but expand into organic recipes of your. Grilling or broiling meat allows it to retain much more of its nutrients as well, because of the quick cooking time.Healthy Snacks RecipesSneak organic foods your kids claim that they can hate inside their favorite dishes. Studies conducted through the years prove that organic food is the foremost choice when it comes to overall health. Providing organic eats to bring along for kids’ lunches is much more convenient than ever before. Mix fruits for example frozen organic blackberries, dark sweet cherries, raspberries and strawberries.

Your kids won’t love the taste of the all-natural healthy sweetener, but you will also be using real maple syrup rather than processed corn syrup. Incorporate a side container of the favorite organic yogurt or complete the fruit theme by having an organic banana walnut muffin.For something new of pace, incorporate a lunch that includes a series of healthy dipping snacks for example homemade hummus, easily made in the food processor using canned organic garbanzo beans.
Great organic options include chunky, fire roasted chipotle and peach salsas.Organic Snacks for KidsAnts on the log is a healthy snack food made from celery, peanut butter and raisins. Organic melons, strawberries, bananas, apples and grapes all work nicely because they can easily be cut to suit the skewers.Banana PopsBanana pops create a good snack food throughout the day or at night like a dessert food. You are able to coat your banana with whole grains, crushed nuts, or perhaps crushed graham crackers or dehydrated fruit pieces.Juice Ice PopsRather than serving your kids sugary ice pops, cut costs and try a healthy alternative.
You may make ice pops using 100 % organic fruit juice for any healthy snack that kids will think is dessert-sweet, however they contain only healthy sugars rather than added high-fructose corn syrup and aspartame.

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