Anyway, my sister-in-law made this memory wire bracelet for me almost ten years ago, when my favorite GI Joe was deployed, we were still waiting to become parents through adoption, and my day-to-day life just wasn’t the greatest. Okay, so that was a really bad attempt, but here are a few great ideas to up the happy in your day!
We loved The Lorax even before the new movie version, and I keep trying to get Princess Thundercloud to have a Lorax birthday (it’s near Earth Day), but to no avail.  See this and lots of other Lorax ideas at Cute Food for Kids.
For a little something sweet (maybe an afterschool snack), Crazy for Crust shows you how to make these great “Cat in the Hat” smoothies and “Green Eggs and Ham” snacks. These contain roughly two servings of Skittles, so don’t give them to your own kids, unless they’re headed somewhere other than inside your home.  I’m personally hoping for some warmer weather so my hooligans can burn off the sugar outside! I did not read this book, but the hubs did.  It was a Free Friday pick for my Nook, and he found himself without anything to read. Our local library has them all, and I think he’s a little surprised at himself, reading the entire series this month…in actual books, not an electronic format. Loss of sleep aside, he’s enjoyed the series, so if the man in your life is looking for a series about the Crusades era, this might be a great choice.

I could not put this book down, people.  The author lived with her missionary parents in Africa for much of her childhood, and this book offers a fascinating look at African society in a diamond-mining region.
So there you have it…I read a few other books this month, but was mostly in the mood for light and fluffy: A couple of books from Sara Rosett’s series, a couple of other fine-but-forgettable mysteries, and Boom by Mark Haddon with the kids. Happy Reading (and for next month, I’m reading a couple of your suggestions from last month…so keep ‘em coming!)!! Yes, I know the whole cherry tree story about George Washington is fiction…but I prefer to ignore that in order to justify making (and eating) cherry pies for his actual birthday, which is today.  I’m an ostrich when it serves my purpose. As I’ve mentioned previously, I love all the Wisconsin cherry products available in our local grocery store.  For these pies, I decided to use a jar of filling from Door County rather than making my own, since the only ingredients at cherries, juice, sugar, and cornstarch…the same as I use when making it from scratch. Fold half of the dough over the filling and seal with a fork, being careful not to puncture the dough.  Place on a parchment lined baking sheet (with a rim, just in case you have a leak!). Next, wrap the end around two or three times, then snip it as closely as you can.  Use the needle-nose pliers to wrap it tightly around…you don’t want it to snag your yarn. They’re hot, hot, hot, people!  I bought some from Pick Your Plum (before Lent, fortunately, since I gave up online shopping for Lent), but I saw them at my local Target yesterday.  They’re in the section with baking pans, if you’re looking.

Resist the temptation to overfill…they’ll leak for sure if you do, then you’ll get even less filling left in them!  Dip your finger in a beaten egg and run it around the outside of the dough circle, to help it seal.
I thought there must be a better, healthier way to make this soup, without losing any of the flavor. So he raced through the first one, then bought the second for the Nook, as well.  Then he realized that it’s a series of six books. As a toddler, I read The Lorax about a thousand times to this child (no simple “One Fish, Two Fish” for him!), so I needed a break!

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