There is a reason we haven’t stopped eating fresh fruit, even though there is an endless amount of products on the market to snack on. For most of the same reasons as fresh fruit, dried fruit is also an excellent choice for a snack. Much healthier than most potato chips and provides all the superfood nutrients a parent could ask for.
Its always so hard to keep things healthy while on the go, but these ideas definitely give me some motivation, thanks! I agree with holly, its tough to keep up with the energy our kids have, but keeping it simple is always a good, not to mention a lot more affordable. What People Are SayingStarted off the new year with a new basket of my favorite Just Hatched goodies!!Literally the best smelling stuff I’ve ever used on my kids!
Well, one thing they have in common with us adults is, they need good fuel in their systems to keep them running strong. Nothing else offers such a great balance of natural sugars that are easy to process by the body and vital nutrients to keep the energy and immune system up.

The added benefit of it being dried means that its virtually free of any preparation and literally can just be popped in your toddlers mouth for them to enjoy at a moments notice. Adults like it because it offers so many great health benefits, and kids like it because its just so delicious!
Cut them into small sqaures and put them in either a small container or plastic bag and you have yourself a treat that can be pulled out at anytime to calm that hungry toddler down. It doesn’t matter how its cooked, kids love corn for the most part, and its truly entertaining to them to bite it off the cob.
Celery sticks and peanut butter go great together and offer all kinds of fun sensory experiences for toddlers. There are so many products out there for our kids to consume, but many are filled with artificial ingredients and processed sugars. Try bananas, apples or oranges as they are sold everywhere and can be eaten with little preparation effort. Dried fruit can be stored longer so you can amass larger quantities and keep them around for daily consumption without having to worry about them going bad as fast.

If you purchase these type of chips, make sure to analyze the ingredients so that you don’t end up with one that is high in sodium (easily caused by heavy flavoring). If you’re looking to slow your toddler down for a few moments, this treat is great as it truly an engaging experience! The yogurt itself helps promote better digestion and the combination of the two makes it a favorite amongst parents and children alike.
Here’s a list of some healthy and natural snacks that can keep our little ones running strong over the course of the day. They taste delicious and most fruits typically have a different chewing texture between fresh and dried, so your toddler can also learn the difference between the two.
Try wrapping a whole sweet potato in a damp paper towel and microwave for about 30 – 60 seconds, then cutting it like a baked potato and your child will have a great afternoon snack that fills and warms them up.

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