I’ve been scouring the internet for healthy snack ideas that you can pack for work or school. Ann, these are the BEST ideas—pinning to show my daughters who are always looking for healthy snacks for my 4 granddaughters! I pinned those bars as soon as I saw them and have been dying for a chance to include them in a post!!

From sweet to savoury and with a variety of real, wholesome ingredients, there is something for everyone in this collection featuring 16 of my favourite homemade snacks. The majority of these snack ideas would benefit from being served with another food group on the side (even if that’s just a glass of milk).
When I look for healthy recipes for my family, I tend to choose those that are low in sugar (or sugar-free), include fiber, protein, or both, and that have nutritional value in the form of key vitamins our bodies need.

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