If you want to eat organic healthy snack foods, shop our delicious range of healthy snack options, all of our paleo bars are organic, with no preservatives or artificial flavours. Throughout Australia, you can buy organic and healthy Paleo bars online and have them delivered straight to your door. Radio Rotary Interviews Certified Holistic Health Coach and Millbrook Rotarian Ellie Savoy, author of Stop Dieting Start Living: 5 Foundations for Your Health, to Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting, Starvation or Suffering in Silence. The products we stock limit the need to be stuck at home cooking snacks and meals at all time, giving everyone something they can grab and munch on when they feel peckish.
We make it easy for people all over the country to enjoy organic healthy snack foods, with the widest range featuring the best ingredients, all conveniently packaged to take with you everywhere. KIND wanted to give a new purpose to snacking so they created their Fruit & Nut Delight line. A few months ago, I created awareness in a corporate setting about common packaged foods found in the average Australian home.

I’m always searching for priceless health and wellness tips from people of all walks of life because everyone I meet will undoubtedly offer words of inspiration and motivation.
Shop online and buy our Blue Dinosaur bars, bounce protein balls, and Simply Raw protein bars. This project required a pantry display of many different type of foods ranging from beverages, sauces, dairy products, cereals, snack foods and lunch box fillers.
The basic ingredients for most bliss balls and bars are nuts, dried fruit and a selection of spices. This is the kind of stuff I like to explore and in return, give back by sharing it with all who are on a path to better health. We sell all of the top brands of Paleo Bars including Blue Dinosaur, Simply Raw, Bounce Balls, Clif Bars and more, Australia-wide!
As a result of a partnership led by Rotary, but including the World Health Organization, the U.S.

Cathy Richards the creator of The Simply Bar was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 12 and wanted to find a snack that didn’t upset her stomach. However, Clif may embody this active and healthy brand lifestyle yet their ingredients don't fully reflect their cultural aspirations. KIND diverts attention away from its questionable ingredients with its attractive packaging and the message that you can see the ingredients and so the product must be healthy. Clif uses words such as organic energy and nutrition foods to describe its brand yet the first ingredient on their energy bars is brown rice syrup, which is a sugar substitute.

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