Potato chips are convenient and tasty, but they are not healthy for they contain a great amount of calories, trans-fats, and sodium. High in protein and many other nutrients our bodies need, Kale can be considered as a superfood and snack.
Jam-packed with important minerals, fiber and vitamins, eggplants are a nice choice to make chips to eat any time and keep healthy. Surely, these chips are much healthier than potato chips, but don’t forget to control your portions. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to start seasoning vegetable chips like regular potato chips, as evidenced by this kale chips recipe.

Having potato chips often could lead to many problems, such as obesity, low immunity, and hypertension. Usually backed with seasame seeds and sea salt, Kale Chips should be the one to replace boring potato chips. Meanwhile, remember that store-bought chips are not as healthy as they should be, so it’s always better to make your own chips at home. If you air pop it and eat it plain or with just a little bit of salt or some non fat spices such as cinnamon it is a very healthy, high fiber snack! Well then, there’s no need to worry while we can have other foods to replace potato chips every day.

Supposed you have some free time, just try to make banana chips at home, which is healthier than potato chips.

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