We’ve had an incredibly high percentage of moms and dads post on our Young and Raw Facebook page asking for smoothie ideas that are family friendly.
Our 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge and 14 Day Detox iPhone and iPad apps contain over 200 delicious recipes for a healthy mind and body. Put broccoli, spinach, grapes, apple and yogurt in blender and blitz till smooth, adding ice cubes to thin and chill the smoothie. Watermelon is cooling and refreshing, ideal for summer since it provides food hydration because of its electrolytes and natural sugars. The best thing about smoothie recipes for kids is that you can add different kinds of fruits and vegetables for taste and color. So today I am sharing our family’s favorite healthy smoothies for kids that have only 3 ingredients in each of them.
Processed, sugary and salty foods all trigger dopamine release and that is how we form positive associations to foods that are actually harmful for our health. I know that no matter what, your children and family members can learn to enjoy real food – again, or for the first time ever!
If you make healthy smoothie recipes for kids, their special nutritional needs are easily taken care of since smoothies are easy to make and even easier to drink!

Smoothies can be had at breakfast time or anytime along with or instead of a snack.  When you experiment, you will know what your kids like and you can also sneak in fruits and veggies that they may not knowingly eat, improving their nutritional intake and their health. Please keep in mind that it is the reader’s responsibility to determine the value of these recipes, nutritional and otherwise. You can chop your fruit (or vegetable), place them in the airtight container and keep it in the freezer for even faster smoothies.
It's a place for twin sisters Sara and Melissa to share their inspiration, projects, connection and celebrate the good in life. They can be colorful and flavorful and you can easily incorporate a host of ingredients in kid-friendly smoothies, including fruits and veggies they may not otherwise eat.
Please don’t place any guilt or shame on yourself for this, the best thing you can do now is just keep introducing fun and healthy options at meal time so that eventually your child can form new and positive associations to real, whole foods! When you serve smoothies in fancy glasses and garnish them, they look even more appealing and they taste great, too.
Recipes are prepared “at your own risk.” We assume no liability, obligation, or warranty with respect to these recipes. Smoothies, especially green ones, are a fantastic way to slowly adapt your kiddo’s taste buds to more nutrient dense, whole foods by combining something sweet (fruit) with the nutritional, power punch of greens.

Positively Mommy is not responsible for any damage, medically or otherwise, that could result from preparation of these recipes.
Or you can just put ice cubes in the serving glass and pour smoothie over to have it chilled. Visitors must take care to check the instructions provided and determine their value and any possible medical condition that may arise from the preparation instructions and consumption of the ingredients listed in this site’s recipes. When I started my small garden a few years ago it served as a catalyst for changing the way we live: Eating fresh, playing in the dirt, and doing crafts and DIYs that are inspired by nature. Please join me and my family as we discover recipes and explore the outdoors in our attempt to reconnect with nature.

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