Festive sandwiches are already upon us and instead of standing at the fridges drooling over the cranberry that could have been, treat yourself to the lightest option on the street. EAT's Turkey and Cranberry sandwich comes in at under 400calories with only 0.9g of saturated fat!
Most cheese sandwiches are very high in calories but this interesting alternative to a classic Cheese Ploughmans clock in at 289 calories and 6g fat!

Food manufacturers are failing to provide consumers with healthy and environmentally-friendly sandwich options, according to healthy eating organisation Eating Better.
A survey of 620 sandwich and wrap choices from eight retailers found that less than 3% contained no meat, fish, egg or cheese. For those days when nothing but a tortilla wrap will do, we've got a healthy alternative to the over-flowing burrito you had in mind.

Here’s our top sandwiches with nutritional values that won’t send you running to the nearest gym.

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