Providing our kids, or ourselves, with prepackaged snacks may SEEM like a great idea, but when we get down to it we are setting them up for a serious drop in blood sugar and a case of the grumpies. It needs to be quick as time is of the essence, so here are some ideas to have ready at the office or to haul along when waiting in parent pick-up lines – not just for the kids, but for Mom & Dad too!
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The key to healthy snacking is picking good-for-you foods and eating them in reasonable portion sizes. If you’re eating a snack to get energy before a hard workout, focus on carbs that will digest quickly to give you energy. Carrots and Hummus—A handful of baby carrots (about 10), plus two tablespoons of your favorite hummus gives you a tasty snack that has a nice balance of carbs, fat, and protein. Salted Edamame—Pick up frozen, shelled edamame from the store, defrost and sprinkle with flaky sea salt for a snack that is packed with healthy, lean protein. Turkey Jerky—Low-calorie, low-fat, high-protein, and totally delicious, turkey jerky is a great snack option.

Peanut Butter Banana Bites—Slice up half a banana and spread on a teaspoon of peanut butter on half the slices, top with the other halves and enjoy your little banana sandwiches.
Any Kind of Fruit—The original hand-held snack, fruit is portable, delicious, healthy and packed full of nutrients that help fuel your body!
This is the official health and fitness blog of Anytime Fitness—the world's largest co-ed fitness franchise. I’m Sarah, creator of Early Bird Mom, wife to Juergen and mom to four of the most rambunctious boys you will ever meet. With so many people wanting to lose weight and eat healthy this new year, we should know what our calorie intake needs to be based on age and activity level. Enter your email address to subscribe to the eMeals blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You’re trying to lose weight, so you think cutting out snacks during the day will help, but the truth is, snacking on reasonable portions of healthy foods can actually encourage weight loss. A good snack size for most people is between 100-200 calories with a good balance of whole grain carbs, fat, and protein.

Take a stalk of celery, fill it with a tablespoon of cream cheese, and dot the top with a couple of raisins. Her work has been feature in national publications such as Gourmet Magazine and The Huffington Post.
These 30+ healthy snack ideas for when you’re on-the-go are the perfect antidote to the temptation of french fries. Use the information below to explain to your readers that cutting 500 calories from their daily calorie intake will help them achieve their goal. Feel free to use any of these great recipes. Under 400 Under $4 and use any of the images below.
Snacking helps keep your blood sugar regulated and helps squash hunger that pops up between meals.

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