The natural sugars in these little gems are a concentrated source of quick carbohydrates, says Dowell.
Snack right: Dried fruit can have up to three times the kilojoules of fresh, so stick to a quarter-cup serving. Snack right Cold coffees can have around 420 kilojoules – or 2 100, if you get carried away with the extras! Vegan Jalapeno PoppersSubstitute soy milk and vegan cream cheese for the dairy traditionally found in jalapeno peppers and vegans can enjoy filling their mouth with fire on game days, too.

While high-fibre cereals are a healthy bet any other time of day, they may cause stomach trouble during a run. Top with half a cup of sliced strawberries or bananas for an extra kick of carbs and vitamins. GET THE RECIPE, via The Unintentional VeganParmesan Rosemary Snack RollsRosemary is loaded with health benefits and my personal favorite in cooking, so these parmesan and rosemary snack rolls sound delish (if only I wasn't currently dairy-free, alas!).
Let’s agree that we are not going to offer snacks that have ingredients you cannot pronounce or have never seen growing in real life.

If you or your game day guests would prefer some meatless munchies, try making one these vegetarian and vegan versions of classic party snacks.

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