Oftentimes it’s not lack of knowledge or motivation that is the biggest obstacle to healthy eating, it’s time! Let us know what you think about these on-the-go snacks, and be sure to share some of your own favorite healthy snacks are in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow Total Gym Direct on Facebook and Twitter for great workouts ideas and healthy living ideas you can do! Related Posts:100-Calorie Snacks to Keep You Full by Tara Coleman 11 High Protein Essentials To Add To Your Diet by Tara Coleman Healthy Snacks for Post-Workout by Samantha Caan Energy Boosting Meals For Your Workout Day by Total Gym How to Make a Healthy Casserole by Jennifer M. There are a lot of great nutrients in the yolk, so be sure to save it and throw it into your salad or have it as a snack later!

That’s not because I think that you need these bars to live but they are practical, non-perishable and handle the beating that my purse goes through much better than a banana!
At that point all bets are off, and you find that your day which started off with the best intentions has ended up in the drive-thru.
Instead of letting the hunger take control, set yourself up for success by preparing these healthy on-the-go snacks! As a rule of thumb look for a bar that has about equal amounts of fiber or protein and sugar. You can put the eggs back together for easy transport or enjoy your savory snack right then and there!

Let me know if you come up with any delicious versions by sharing it in the comment section below.

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