Most women sail through pregnancy and the postpartum period but it is good to be prepared for any untoward incidents. Yes, babies who are born prematurely (before the due date) may need special care during their first 2 years, especially if they were very small at birth (less than 3 pounds). The right amount of weight to gain during pregnancy depends on how much you weighed before getting pregnant. Women pregnant with multiples: Normal weight women should gain 37-54 pounds, overweight, 31-50 pounds and obese, 25-42 pounds during pregnancy.
Physical wounds heal but research shows that the effects on a child’s social, emotional and future physical health is far more damaging. Families who have meals at the table with no distractions (such as mobile devices or television) are found to be more likely to be a healthy weight.

Activities that affect balance or may cause injury to the abdomen are not safe during pregnancy. Finding a child care facility that offers meals ensures your child will receive meals and snacks. Even if your pregnancy was planned, you may have interchanging episodes of highs, lows and uncertainty.
ROP usually only occurs in babies who are born very early, at 32 weeks of pregnancy or earlier.
Along with a healthy diet, taking a prenatal vitamin will help you get the right amount of nutrients. During the visit observe how happy the children are, how clean the facility is, and look to see if the care giver is operating what you consider a good facility for your child.

Happiness and anxiety about a new pregnancy, or feeling upset about an unplanned pregnancy, are also common. Looking heavier than normal, then looking visibly pregnant and feeling the baby move, can make you feel any number of emotions.

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