I know a thing or two about healthy gift ideas for diabetics and the diabetic friendly snacks that are safe. The one thing you’ll find is appreciated by a great many people living with diabetes, is a friend who takes the trouble to look out something specially for them, not just any gift but a carefully considered and wisely chosen present they can use without worrying about sugar content. Folks needing to cut sugar down or out are facing a real struggle because sugar gets added to a heck of a lot of commercially made groceries the rest of us take for granted are healthy.
Healthy’ is a joke, but not a very funny one, low fat it may be, low sugar it isn’t and that includes natural yoghurt. Probably the most popular and easiest to organize is a specialist diabetic food basket, there’s a selection of several available with different goodies, some more sweet others more savory and Amazon have a good collection of both.
They are more expensive than those you pick up in the grocery store mainly because of the loaded fruit content and problems achieving a well set jam with no sugar, but boy do they taste good! Well I’ve tried, and even after adding pectin it simply wouldn’t set, in the end I bottled it and used it as a fruit sauce over sponge puddings, drizzled it over Victoria sponge cakes, and spooned it over iced fruit treats, but no way was it getting spread on anything!
Other ideas include kitchen gadgets which produce diabetic friendly food, one of which is an iced treat maker like the Yonanas or Fro Frutti. Having the Yonanas producing an ice cream substitute from chunks of frozen fruit, opened up a whole new world for my own husband Al, it also means we all feel a lot less guilty tucking in to full sugar ice cream, though in truth we now use it more than the ice cream maker and it got the kids eating more fruit – read more about the Yonanas ice cream treat maker here.
Firstly none of them are completely without sugar and most use sweeteners which also act as laxatives, basically eat more than one or two squares and you risk spending the evening in the bathroom! Other options are peanuts, seed and some dried fruit mixes or low sugar fruit snack bars – here you need to be careful. Mostly what we do is buy an empty wicker basket and fill it with selection of goodies from those above, making it especially aimed at the person’s own taste, but if time is tight, I have bought pre-filled diabetic friendly gift baskets before now and been very well pleased with what we got both in value and gifts. One cute and practical little gadget that has pleased Al no end is a Joie Microwaveable Omelet Pot, because he can take it to work with the eggs, cheese or smoked salmon already safely inside, all he has to do is stick it in the microwave and he has a diabetic friendly lunch, just add bread or a salad if you want.
Go read the post, it might give you other ideas – by the way the Joie is ceramic and very robustly made, not plastic and thus a worthy gift, not a $1 from the dime store!

Though not specifically for diabetics, there’s a post kinda rounding up what have been the best selling kitchen gifts and most popular gadgets all last year. You should take a look for yourself, it’s an eye opener on how much hidden sugar is added to processed food and one of the reasons eating healthy is not simple at all, I’d guess a whole lot of us consume a bunch of sugar every day with no idea we’re doing it – and just for the record, so do our kids. For blueberry lovers try Walden Farms Blueberry Fruit Spreads, no one spreading it on toast or a waffle is ever going to know there’s no added sugar, it’s that good. Al finds them too sweet, I guess having an almost sugar free diet has finally done that.  He finds diabetic friendly cookies are a better bet, he can enjoy one or even two with coffee or simply as a snack when wanted.
These have all sold well and been bought by those of us who have a passion for cooking, self included. Even 5 year-olds, these days, realize that a diabetic will take the turn for that worse, if he consumes sugar.
But a thing that people do not know is that consuming excess simple carbohydrates too, might be harmful for you. This is because many carbohydrates are divided into sugars in the liver and dramatically spike in the blood sugar levels.
Hence, it is essential that diabetics also keep close track of their carbohydrate consumption. Healthy Snacks for DiabeticsWe are able to see that a healthy snack could be one which reduces the consumption of simple carbohydrates and sugars. Unknown to many people, it is this craving in which a lot of calories and sugars are ingested by unsuspecting snackers.
Healthy snacks can almost be something that other people who don’t have diabetes can eat but when eaten in moderation. Healthy snacks can include things such as pretzels, peanuts, Melba toast, popcorn, crackers, sugar-free candy, fresh fruit and vegetables simply to name a few. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a good source of healthy vitamins and nutrients that also contain sugar but have to be eaten in moderation.Light Soft Cheese WedgesLaughing Cow light cheese wedges are satisfying on their own or you could had 1-2 celery sticks or carrot chips if you are searching to add a crunch for your snack.

The cheese squares have just 35 calories, 2 grams of fat, 1 gram of carbohydrate, 260 mg of sodium, and a pair of.5 grams of protein.
These squares are available in a variety of flavors including: garlic and herb, french onion, light blue cheese, light mozzarella sun-dried tomato and basil, queso fresco and chipotle, an authentic creamy Swiss. This is a really low calorie high sodium snack.Veggies and fresh yogurt dipRaw vegetables highly contain vitamins and minerals. The yogurt contains protein which will help to curb hunger pangs and also to stabilize blood sugar and it also supply calcium for strong bones. PopcornOne other good news is that you need not restrain your self on popcorn the next time you go for a film. Popcorn constitutes a low-calorie, low sugar snack.Satisfy the MeatGood news for meat loving diabetics is the fact that white meat is not at all bad for diabetics. A brown-bread tuna sandwich is another cool option.Nutty snacksNuts for example almonds, walnuts, pecans and cashews are full of monounsaturated fats that lower cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease.
A number of groundnuts a day or half a tablespoon of peanut butter on the slice of whole wheat bread is a superb snack for those who love nuts. If you want, you can include them to a non-fat yogurt, include a light dressing and munch away.FruitsNot allowed to consume sugar concentrated foods, it severely restricts the options of fruits for diabetics, but there are several fruits which are specifically suitable for diabetics like apple (with skin), grapefruit, blueberries and apricots. Complex carbohydrates harder to be absorbed in the body and therefore keep you feeling full for an extended amount of time. You can get them in various flavors too, so consider thoseThe Unclassified OthersOther unclassified foods which will make a great healthy snack are: low-fat yogurt, low-fat cottage type cheese, whole grain crackers, skim milk, low-sodium low-fat tortilla chips, etc. You might boil the raw veggies and sprinkle some pepper powder on them to make them a little tastier.

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