Kids always want a delicious meal that can be eaten fast while parents want a meal that can be prepared rapidly, but should not be full of vacant calories. Check out here the collection of 5 kid-friendly lunch ideas that takes less time to prepare at home as well it help to keep lunches healthy and enjoyable. Every day give your kids something new to look forward at lunch with a range of options which they won’t trade away! Kids can learn how to plan, prepare and eat a different diet rich in nutrients with these healthy lunch ideas.

Watermelon pie is very much refreshing that it lasts only for short time on warm summer days. Spread Queso fresco on whole grain bread, warm it under the broiler for a short time, and get amazing results. The sweet, healthy treat, packed with vitamin C, can be made in advance and chilled until serving time.
For making them stiff, we normally put them in ice and water for about 10 minutes before frying.

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