I am no doctor or child expert, just a mom looking for healthy food options that my son will be motivated to eat rather than hurl at my head. If you have a toddler and are in search of similar nutritious solutions, check out this list of 25 Toddler Lunch Ideas.
Mixed vegetables, cheese, chicken and strawberries: If you are looking for a bunch of healthy bite size food options, this toddler lunch idea can do the trick.

Fish sticks, corn, lima beans, squash and hash browns: Though I do not typically like to give my son breaded processed foods like fish sticks, sometimes when you are in a rush and need a fast and flavorful toddler food idea, fish sticks will suffice. When making broccoli for my little guy, I love buying microwaveable bags to steam the veggies because it is a time saver and a healthy way to prepare it.

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