Our low-carb lunch recipes, including low-carb salads, low-carb chicken recipes, easy sandwich recipes and more, are perfect lunch recipes to pack for work or enjoy at home. For health professionals…I am excited to share some news about my upcoming digestive health seminar at District Hall in Boston, Massachusetts on February 26, 2016. I have always had a passion for digestive health and my interest was piqued when I stumbled upon the research for FODMAPs in the medical literature in 2009. This is all you need to make one of the most delicious and healthy low carb dinner recipes.

Whether you’re following a low-carb diet or trying to cut back on carbs to lose weight, our low-carb lunch recipes are easy options for a satisfying lunch. Most dieters think that people on the ‘other’ side of the diet bridge get to enjoy all the ‘good’ food while they are stuck with hardly delicious meals.
Your main ingredients are absolutely low in carbs and promise you a healthy and delicious dinner.
The presence of chicken and lettuce is a good enough sign that your carb intake needs are covered.

For low-carb meal ideas, try our Veggie Egg Salad for a new take on traditional egg salad or Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken for an easy low-carb salad recipe to pack-and-go.

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