Besides, most healthy eating shopping lists include foods which are neither healthy nor cheap. This simple grocery list includes fruits, veggies, meats, beans, legumes, and a few household supplies too. I do the same thing with my grocery list – except that I keep it stored on Google Docs. Everyone should also have a look at … you can print the shopping list or view it on your phone and it also records your previous items for future use.
I also avoid anything containing artificial sweeteners… these seem to be creeping into otherwise healthy foods like yogurt.

If I don’t have a list, I learned a trick a long time ago that helps with making healthier choices. The plastic sheath idea is awesome…I have a very used freezer bag which could double for a grocery list cover.
In a standard grocery store, stick to the outer edge of the store and try not to venture into the inner aisles as much. I’ve created the Printable Grocery List to help in your quest to find affordable, healthy, and delicious foods fast.
The grocery store is also less busy then, less standing in line, and less chance of silly impulse purchases!

I hate getting stuck in a grocery store not knowing what foods to buy, so I’m sharing my free printable shopping list template with you. When I stick to the outside I usually ended up making better choices during impromptu grocery store visits.

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