In between school, sports and other activities, making time to volunteer can seem hard for teenagers. Take time to catch up with your son and daughter while you decorate the house or prepare this simple, healthy calzone.
To cook the filling, cook the vegetables and garlic in a small amount of boiling water for 3 minutes, then drain. The nasal spray is made with a weak form of a live flu virus and is given to you with a mist sprayed into your nose.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are as many as 1.2 million cases of salmonellosis every year in the United States. Turtles, lizards and snakes are not good pets for young children and should not be in the same house as an infant.
There have been some concerns that strength training is not good for children who have not entered puberty.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should start talking about sex to children as young as toddlers in an age-appropriate way.

To help both you and your child get used to the idea, start with leaving her home for a few minutes at a time.
Poisoning is a very real danger for children, especially for those between 6 months and 5 years old. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, colds in children are responsible for nearly 22 million missed school days every year. While marijuana use is becoming legal in some states, it is illegal in Missouri and for anyone under 18 in every state. If you feel like your child will one day be able to handle a daily bike ride to school, take the first few rides with her to learn which roads are safer for bikers than others. But it can be hard for parents to know when their children no longer need constant supervision.
For example, take a 10-minute walk around your neighborhood while she stays home, or run a short errand that you know will take no more than 20 minutes. Toss them in baggies so your fridge is stocked with healthy, grab-and-go snacks that are perfect for summer outings.

It usually takes two weeks after getting a vaccine for your body to be fully protected against the flu. Use one cutting board for fresh fruits and vegetables and a different one for raw meats, poultry and seafood.
When choosing a helmet, look for a Snell Memorial Foundation rating or a Consumer Product Safety Commission label. Booster seats can reduce the chances of those injuries by 45 percent for children ages 4 to 8. A dirty sponge is the perfect home for bacterial colonies, with the potential for populations greater than 50 million!

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