I think the biggest hang up a lot of us have towards eating healthy is that we want to create new habits without effort or exertion. The job of feeding yourself (and your family) healthy food will be a much happier event if you can reframe the word work. However, that said, I do want to clarify that there are a lot of ways you can eat simply to cut down on the workload. Working smarter, faster, and cooking more simple food has gone a long way in cutting down the time I spent in the kitchen.
Like all skills, it does take time and effort to become better at it, and there is a learning curve. Acknowledging and accepting that there will be a time commitment, a learning curve to the cooking process, and that cooking healthy does require some work will go a long way in helping you succeed long term in eating well. I’ve accepted the fact that eating well takes effort and time on my part, and I’m fine with that.
Some of my friends ask me why I spend more money and time on organic ingredients and healthier meals when the dollar menu at the drive-in is so much cheaper and easier.

One of the reasons I believe we view work so negatively is because we associate work with unfulfilling jobs and exhausting hours. A simple definition of work can be “activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.” Work can mean reading a book to your child, taking a walk, journaling, playing music, gardening, and chopping vegetables. We fool ourselves into thinking that healthy eating should be effortless, or at least very easy, and so we set ourselves up for failure. Whereas in the past the work of feeding our families and ourselves was a simple fact of life, now we have to choose between pre-packaged foods and cooking from scratch.
If you go into the kitchen resenting the work it takes to feed yourself, it’s going to be an unhappy relationship.
However, if I can turn my mind towards the benefits of doing the dishes and how doing them helps me accomplish my wider goals of nourishing my family and myself, I can embrace the work happily.
All of these activities take physical or mental effort, but that doesn’t mean they are negative activities. And if you’ve never had to learn the art of cooking, it can seem a daunting amount of work to learn.

Our goal in the kitchen is not to once in a while spend the weekend creating gourmet spreads of food, and then eating food on the fly the rest of the week.
I also love sharing practical tips on how to make a real food diet work on a real life budget. And secondly, the faster we acknowledge that eating healthy does require activity (or work) and planning, the more successful we will be in actually fulfilling our healthy eating goals. I truthfully think that we should not view all of our cooking that way because, once again, it sets ourselves up for failure in eating healthy on a consistent basis. But you can also streamline the process, learn to cook faster, and cook smarter for less time spent working in the kitchen.

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