Every month for just $30 you will receive 5 large bags of healthy snacks packed with energy and flavour – perfect for an afternoon snack! We are big fans of Naked Health Snacks, especially since my daughter has a lot of food allergies. I love getting my hands on healthy snacks, and this looks like something I would want to try. So we may have started 2013 with all the good intentions in the world but we're now well into the first month and all those wonderful ideas of healthy eating and cutting out alcohol whilst doubling our workout sessions just seem absurd today.
We know what you're thinking but trust us on this one, we're not talking about wheatgrass shots or any other form of punishment disguised as health food, these snacks actually look delicious (there's even a 'touch of chocolate' section with chocolate buttons included!). The way the whole process works is actually very simple as you need only visit the website and browse the selection of snacks, you'll find everything from fresh tomato salsa accompanied by cheesy bites, marinated olives and nut selections, pure fruit and chocolate buttons as well as fresh flavoured breads and healthy popping corn. Graze boxes are delivered to your home or work address and are perfect if you tend to struggle through the day without dipping in to the cookie jar.
Published in February in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, researchers gathered their data by studying a cohort of hearly 4000 children in 1991-92.

If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. About the authorAlumni WellnessAlumni Wellness is dedicated to maximizing health, fun and happiness for the long term. Many health experts agree that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can improve heart health and reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Baked Sweet Potato Fries Quick, Easy and Delicious Post Workout Snack If you're into building a lean physique there are a few basic staples to your diet that are just key.
Healthy Chicken Caesar Salad The path to better health is paved with simple better decisions. Our mission is to make healthy food more accessible, through convenient delivery and exceptional taste.
That being said, we're very excited about the wonderful concept created by the fantastic people over at Graze, who promise to deliver healthy snacks straight to your door. I try to keep healthy snacks on hand but sometimes I get bored eating celery and carrot sticks day after day.

They were all so good and I loved that there were some sweet items and salty items so I had a healthy snack for whatever I was in the mood for. The Honey Stinger Energy Chews sound interesting and I would love to try them also-maybe I can find them in a health food store. It’s important to eat healthy but also treat yourself once in awhile… And what a treat these Naked Snacks are! We’re always looking for healthier snacks so this might be the perfect way to get them! You then pick the days you wish to receive the boxes and these are delivered straight to your door by Royal Mail so no need to sit around waiting for the delivery dude.

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