You want easy appetizers that are fresh and creative, but sometimes you want them to be stick-to-your-ribs satisfying, too!
When you're on the hunt for quick appetizer recipes that both kids and adults will enjoy, get these burgers on the menu. Create masterful party appetizers using common store-bought ingredients with our easy recipes.
These luscious strips of sirloin -- flavored with pineapple and orange juices, soy sauce, and mustard -- make filling party appetizers. With just five ingredients and mere minutes on the grill, this can be one of those easy appetizer recipes you call on to jump-start the fun at the end of a busy day. When you're looking for easy appetizers, it pays to keep an eye out for those that can be made in advance.
You want to make sure you eat enough during the day so you’re not starving and reach for just anything.

I pretty much have an entire jar of peanut butter to myself so I don’t even bother scooping out the peanut butter separately sometimes. When I do get to freeze them, all I do is put them in the microwave and place them in a baggie for later. Done and done -- thanks to the hearty pork filling and the fresh-and-lively salsa sparked with jalapenos, ginger, and cilantro. The beloved ingredient shares the spotlight with honey for one irresistibly sweet-and-salty bite. Five-spice powder is the surprising star of this version -- it adds intruigue to the sweet, fruity plum sauce. Here, the appliance helps you whip up a creamy and colorful filling for these bites in no time. Keep a loaf on hand to make simple appetizers -- such as these fresh toasts -- anytime you crave them.

To turn the combo into something spectacular without a lot of extra work, serve this bright-and-spicy chutney alongside. Here, snappy Parmesan cheese gets baked into the flaky layers for a delightfuly tempting treat. When I pull them out to eat they are somewhat room temperature, but still taste pretty good. Our slow cooker dips include the classics, such as cheese dip and spinach dip, and new favorites like our hot wing dip.

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