A snack in the mid- to late-afternoon can help stave off hunger and provide you with a much-needed energy boost. I made some cute little fruit cups for my daughter’s preschool class party today and wanted to pass along this idea. It is so quick and so easy and this would be a great option for birthday parties or class parties as an alternative to sweets.
I just cut up all the fruit the night before- and for little ones I diced the fruit for small bite size pieces.
In our school snack time is at 9:30am- so the kids are celebrating with cookies and cupcakes and getting all that sugar first thing in the morning. One last little tip, if you are taking this to a park or sporting event or something, you can use just a tiny bit of Washi tape to tape a spoon or fork on the cup.

Our increasingly chaotic lifestyles are jam-packed with so many long hours working, taking care of families, trying to maintain healthy relationships, and many other responsibilities that it's often difficult to find the time to take care of ourselves. Healthy snacking has also been proven to prevent overeating later in the day, which tends to happen when you eat too few calories throughout the day and overcompensate by binging in the evening. One of the first things that gets put on the back-burner is eating healthy and getting enough physical activity.
Kari is passionate about nutrition education and the prevention of chronic disease through a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Kari holds a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Southeast Missouri State University and is committed to helping people lead healthy lives. With a little planning and self-discipline, making quick but healthy lunches and snacks can be as easy as pie (but I'm not suggesting you choose pie).

Consider the easy options below the next time you pack a lunch to take to work or know you have a long busy day ahead of you. She planned, marketed, and implemented nutrition education programs and cooking demonstrations for the general public as well as for special populations, including patients with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, obesity, and school-aged children. If you're not prepared, you may find yourself reaching for whatever fat- and calorie-laden leftovers are sitting in the office break-room. Ideally, your meals and snacks should contain a mixture of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and a little healthy fat.

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