For all Women On The Fence about what healthy snacks to pack for your kids, here are some suggestions your children will actually enjoy!
Celebrate Thanksgiving festival with very tasty and spicy dinner menu but also pay attention towards Nutrition Facts of dishes.
Sometimes Thanksgiving Dinner served in afternoon when family and friends get together to share in the splendor of food, drink and company. Cancer treatments can sap your energy to the point you don't want to prepare a meal or even eat. Get a meal delivery service to drop off healthy meals to your home (that way you don't have to worry about cooking).
Try eating smaller, more frequent meals (they require less chewing and exertion of your mouth's muscles). Eat foods that are easy to swallow, like ice cream or soup, or make it a habit to suck on popsicles before you eat to "chill" your throat. To cope with any bitter, metallic taste that develops in your mouth, eat lots of lean foods like turkey or chicken.

Avoid high fat foods and reach for fresh fruits and vegetables (they contain more fiber and help to regulate the digestive system).
Avoid foods that will make you gassy, like gum, carbonated beverages, caffeine, beans, broccoli or Brussels sprouts. I have noticed a steady decline lately in the quality of snacks in their lunches (obviously my fault, despite being a very healthy household), and it’s driving me bananas! Thanksgiving Dinner is about celebrating great quantity of foods that means you do not have to eat abundance of unhealthy, fattening foods. Make the best thanksgiving Dinner menu including all special meal like appetizers, side dishes, main dishes (Turkey) and deserts. There are many brands and flavors on the market that are pleasing to kids and are still healthy! Almost all dishes of Thanksgiving dinner are prepared from foods native to the New World including cornbread, turkey, cranberry, blueberry, hominy and mush. Even if eating is the last thing you want to do, consuming healthy foods is a key in helping you get through treatment.

The best thanksgiving dinner is completed with turkey and gravy, sweet potatoes and the best turkey stuffing.
You can make your thanksgiving dinner more attractive by garnishing with green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes and green. Here are some cancer treatment diet tips that will make eating easier, no matter what symptoms you're experiencing.
Me pushing the healthy, them asking for things that their friends bring to school, that I will not buy.

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