Vegan Delights- Support their active lifestyle with vegan treats that are too good to be this healthy for them. Gourmet Feast for Vegans- This gift basket of sublime taste and sophistication is sure to please the most discriminating palate and includes savory kettle chips, 4 piece box of chocolate truffles, 2 fruit crisps, a large chocolate decadence cookie, 2 packs of drinking chocolate, a box of ginger thins, green tea, sweet and salty kettle corn, tai coconut chickpea snack, spicy mongolian noodles, olives with chili peppers, chocolate sandwich cookies, handmade garlic parsley linguini, organic sweet basil pasta sauce mix, 2 rice crackers, chewy dried mango, a box of seasoned pistachios, 2 servings of black olive tapenade, cinnamon chickpea snack, crunchy tortilla chips, seasoned pistachios, a chocolate espresso bar, a chocolate peanut butter bar, a large peanut butter cookie, creamy split pea soup, onion and garlic edamame, pad thai, dehydrated refried beans, and rice noodle soup.

Savory kettle chips, 2 bags of onion and garlic edamame, fruit crisps, 2 packs of vegetable chips, crunchy tortilla chips and cranberry trail mix crunch.
Savory kettle chips, sweetened nut crunch, fruit crisps, crunchy tortilla chips, 2 yummy snack bars and a box delicious of cookies.

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