If you want an easy-to-prepare, crunchy snack with delicious flavor, you will love this dynamite duo. Select a great-tasting, low-calorie baked snack cracker when your energy (or blood sugar) levels dip — one ounce (about 25 small crackers) makes an ideal snack.
A one-cup container of nonfat yogurt with some fresh fruit is a nearly perfect snack — it's a sweet treat that is also nourishing.
Strawberries are fat-free and rich in vitamin C, and their natural sweetness when they're ripe makes this snack taste rich and decadent. Enjoy this cool, creamy, low-cal snack anytime — just be sure to buy a frozen yogurt that is fat-free and sugar-free, and remember that a snack portion is a half cup. From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors. They're especially important for people with diabetes, since they can keep a person's blood sugar levels stable or quickly boost blood sugar. One cup of fat-free milk blended with one envelope of sugar-free cocoa mix makes a great snack — and is a good source of calcium and antioxidants!

You can increase your cracker options by trying a variety of flavors and shapes — for instance, pick one made from real cheese. Slice one cup of sweet-tasting, vitamin C-rich yellow, red, and green bell peppers into strips for a crunchy snack. You can make this snack completely guilt-free by choosing a sugar-free or fat-free gelatin.
Look for a sugar-free dark-chocolate cocoa mix because dark chocolate is the richest source of these nutrients.
Select a low-fat variety that can be microwaved or air-popped — a healthy choice will give you just 45 to 60 calories and only one to two grams of fat in a serving of two to three cups. Serve the crackers with two slices of firm red tomato for an extra vitamin boost — tomatoes are high in vitamin C. Top it off with a tablespoon of sugar-free jelly and then delight in the sweetness of a PB&J that is not only satisfying but truly good for you. The melon is a good source of vitamins A and C and folate, and the low-fat cottage cheese adds calcium to the snack.

Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. You can avoid high-calorie, fat-laden foods by packing your own snacks for the day and by keeping only healthy options at home. A serving of yogurt can provide 30 percent of your daily calcium needs, and the live-active cultures it contains aid the absorption of calcium and also help keep your digestive system healthy.
Try a variety of fruit flavors to mix it up for your taste buds, and look for juice bars that have 70 calories or fewer.
To get you started, here are 13 quick and easy snacks that are also good options for those with diabetes.

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