Learning about other cultures and traditions is engaging, high-interest, and fun for children and families. Follow the simple story of a family who prepares for the new year with decorations, dances, firecrackers, and the festival of the lanterns.
Bright illustrations and lively descriptions of Chinese culture, traditions, and beliefs make this book an excellent read-aloud for Chinese New Year. With so many celebrations at school -- birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's day and the end-of-the year parties -- our kids can wind up eating a ton of junk food.
Fresh fruit kebobs:This is always a hit with kids and a terrific source of healthy vitamin C!

Vegetable trays with dips: If you're in charge of providing the immunity-boosting, vitamin-packed vegetables for the party, consider shedding some new light onto traditional crudite platters. Pumpkin is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A which promotes healthy vision and proper immune function.
I’m a pastor’s wife, mom to four pretty incredible kids, founder of Chasing Supermom Vancouver, lover of children’s literature, advocate of imagination, and a champion for mothers everywhere.
Anyone who to posts them on other websites, or for any publishing, please contact the author and get the permission first. Using a cast iron skillet (with a little oil) will give the whole wheat tortilla a delicious crispy outside while the inside (filled with shredded cheese and if adventurous, some bell peppers) a tasty and filling melted snack.

This recipe was modified for a healthier version using honey instead of sugar and whole wheat flour, coconut oil and molasses. Using baking cups to hold the trail mix--either pre-fill the cups so they can be handed out by the teacher or let kids choose their own ingredients for a custom blended trail mix.

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