Overnight oats is a simple recipe that will be ready for you in the morning with some easy preparation the night before.
By having a good healthy breakfast, it also stabilises our mood, improves memory and concentration. Unfortunately, some of the breakfast food available in supermarket makes us believe that they are healthy and nutritious when they are not. Importance facts of healthy breakfast for Children and Adults is the most important meal of the day and provides many benefits to our health such as controlling waistline and helps reduce weight.

Various studies showed the importance of breakfast for children which claims that breakfast should not be skipped as it is has direct impact on their school achievement and results. In reality they contain only a portion of recommended healthy breakfast leaving you at risk of increasing your weight. No one really gets a perfectly planned morning and is usually consists of waking up late, running late for train or bus, dropping kids off or any other reason which leads to you not being able to have a good breakfast. If you are lucky to have a wife or mum who makes you breakfast in the morning don’t skip it for anything.

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